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Elsaad For crops is a company established for manufacturing and preparing all of the agriculture crops to export them all over the world and to import some of crops to the Egyptian market and some of the Foreign and the Arab countries.

As a member of chamber industry we present a lot of kinds of agriculture crops to the local market according to the requirements of Egyptian government.

It was established in 1984 by great past and a widely present for a great future in trade to occupy the prominent among the companies and it works to be in the advance in its field.

The company owns a fantastic site and suitable place to manufacture and to prepare its products from agriculture crops for the local markets and the export markets.

The company works to produce the best quality of products in a high technology to achieve the international standers by using the units of packing, manufacturing and purifying in an electronic way to satisfy the customers.

We have some of the various productions lines in a different capacity.

So there are 2 unites to produce the high quality of the Egyptian Elsaad rice in a productive capacity reach 240 tons of rice daily and this operation happens in a completely electronic.

The second unit it’s for purifying and separating the kidney white beans, the unit works in 100 tons daily as a capacity to produce Elsaad kidney beans in a completely electronic.The third unit contains a stage to purify, separate to break the Egyptian broad beans with capacity 80 tons daily to produce Elsaad broad Beans in an electronic way for operating & packing.

All of the productions units contain machines, weight balance, packing and electronic sewing to achieve the safety and trust of the bags and to achieve the requirements weight of customers.
For the human resource the company has a group of specialized persons in different fields to follow the instructions of the production operations to achieve the quality according to the international qualities.

On the other hand, to measure the feedback of customer’s about their special deals and to record if there are weakness points to tackle and improve them.
All of the products are manufactured in special trade mark ( Elsaad ) due to the food and the health international system.

– It Has been added new units for the processing of all agricultural crops.
– It has been opening a new purification & screening units for white beans & also for beans.
– Expansion in the field of import.


EL SAAD deems its employees as the most important value and has an objective to provide a healthy and safe working environment for them and aims to eliminate work-related accidents and injuries with the measures it takes. In line with this objective, all kinds of sources will be provided by the top level management and information will be provided to the employees.

Safety Policy

Regularly, if necessary, appropriate procedures and instructions are issued related with the possible risks. EL SAAD will maintain the procedures and instruction related with worker health in easily accessible places and in the places that the works are executed in work locations.


The control, application, inspection and improvement / development processes of the prepared procedures and instructions will be subject to the procedures of EL SAAD Quality System. The responsibility to these procedures and instructions belongs to the top level management and the staff will act accordingly.

Our utmost goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide the best quality of products and services.


– Open the new headquarters of the company Idco.

– Subscribe to Anuga exhibition in Germany 2015 .

– Subscribe to Dubai exhibition 2016 .


Our Vision

Our Vision

To become a leading of agricultural trading company, focusing on the facilities and service of the global trade market.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide required products and services to our customers, to empower our employees with career opportunities, and to maintain environmentally-sound and safe practices.
To satisfy our clients a quality and reasonable prices and keep up with the requirements and expectation of future compatibility with the standard specification
A guarantee the safety and security for food production, food security and health devoid of pollutants, through the latest equipment and techniques and the application of industrial methods of certified programs and objectives and renewed periodically by the audit carried out by qualified team and the coach is capable of applying a diet and healthy and safe and effective compliance

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to a strengthening and Audit Quality policy goals through the effective application of the system of quality and specifications complying with the international standard specification.

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ISO 9001

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Export & Import Markets

Poland – Australia – UK – Russia – Brazil-Turkey – Libya – Syria – Jordan – Saudi Arabia – Qatar – Emirates – Sudan – Morocco – Georgia – Ukraine – Albania – Canada – India – China – Thailand – Pakistan – France – Belgium – Netherlands – Italy – Spain – Romania

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Basic Information

Business Type: Agriculture grains Trade
Markets: Asia Africa Europe Middle East
Company Products / Service: Egyptian Rice, Broken Rice, White Kidney beans, Red split lentils, Broad beans, etc.
Year Established: 1984

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Egypt–Elbohera–Idku–International Coastal Road.
Elbohera – Idku – Salah Salem St


Phone: 0020452842118 – 0020452842098

Mobile: : 002-01022444325 – 002-01001116067
Fax: 0020452842119

Mail: info@elsaadgrain.comahmed@elsaadgrain.comelsaad.exp@gmail.com

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